Twisted polyamide fishing twines, TR 15-08-31-89

he twisted polyamide fishing twines are intended for construction and repair of industrial fishing gear; twinning of webbing and lacing; installation of fishing net, fishing gear, and for various roping operations, etc.

The fishing twines are produced mainly by twisting yarn or primary threads into a twine and are called "twisted fishing twines" in contrast to woven and braided ones, which are produced by other methods and are used very rarely in fishing.

The twines are twisted using several primary threads or strands of the same thickness (i.e., same linear density) folded together. The twines are produced in stages. First, the primary threads are twisted into clusters of two or three pieces, and then several groups are twisted together forming a twine. Several of these twines, in turn, can be twisted together to form a reinforced thicker twine, etc.