Net pens for aquaculture

Open-net pen fish farming is a traditional, high-capacity and the most effective form of fish farming that allows you to get high-quality marketable products in a short time. Net pens are the main fish farming equipment in open-net pen fish farms. We produce various types of net pens: for industrial fish farming, rearing, and temporary harboring of fish, for farming of shellfish and crustaceans, for use in water bodies of any type.

We use knotted and knotless (woven) square or rhombic polyamide netting mesh of any size, starting from 2.8 mm, for the production of net pens.

The net pens may be quadra-, hexa-, octahedral and cylindrical; with and without covers; with single and double walls and bottom; with rope, cord or string reinforcement of the walls and bottom; with a double border; with installation loops inside and outside the net pen; protected with plastic; without installation loops; with feeding tables made of fine mesh and special fabric for sieves made of synthetic fibers (gas sieve); with weighting bottom ropes; with a bag for diseased fish, etc.

The framing ropes in the net pens are made of low shrinkage ropes with a diameter of 8 mm. The framing ropes made from this type of rope do not shrink in the water and the size of the net pen remains unchanged. At the customer’s request, we can produce the framing ropes of braided polyamide cords, strings, and plain-laid rope.

The net pens are sewn together in such a way that the seams do not break during the operation of the net pen. We use automated or manual stitching (depending on the diameter of the framing rope and diameter of the net pen twine).

Here you can order fish diversion nets and fishing nets for your reservoirs. The nets can be equipped with floats and can be made from netting materials with any mesh size.

We produce our net pens using high-quality polyamide netting materials containing no impurities, which ensures the high quality of the products and a long service life.