Fishing nets and net plates

Fishing nets is a honeycomb canvas made by machine weaving from twines. Made from nylon, polyamide (nylon), polypropylene twines. Various types of raw materials are endowed with certain performance properties. At present, polyamide twine is the leader in terms of its characteristics and availability.

Depending on the manufacturing technology, they are classified into knotted and knotless. Knitted (knotless) set cloth is a modern high-tech product with a number of advantages: increased strength, service life and lower weight.

Fishing nets and netting plates are widely used in aquaculture, industrial fishing, and various spheres of the national economy.

Scope of application:

  • – fish-breeding and fishing ponds;
  • – fixed and seine nets;
  • – hedgehogs, venteri, traps;
  • – protective nets;
  • – facade grids for construction;
  • – nets for greenhouses, poultry houses;
  • – nets for gardening;
  • – nets for decorations, interior decoration;
  • – nets for sports.