Units of linear thread density

As a material for knitting setepoloten, threads made of various materials are used, mainly polyamide (nylon), which has high stiffness and strength.

Unlike monofilament fishing line, the thread density is much lower, so it is not possible to make accurate measurements based on the thread diameter. The production process involves twisting the fibers of a particular material into a single thread. At the same time, the twisting density practically does not affect the breaking characteristics of threads with the same number of fibers per unit length. For a clearer definition of the thickness of the threads, it is customary to use conventional units, the main ones of which are tex (tex) and denier (den, den). The unit of linear density tex is the ratio of the mass of the thread to its length. It shows how many grams of thread weighs 1000 m (kilometer). The marking 93. 5×3 tex indicates that a thread weighing 93.5 grams per 1000 meters is used, and x3 indicates that 3 additions of the thread are used. I.e., one kilometer of such a thread weighs 93.5*3=280.5 grams.

The Denier system uses a similar ratio. The difference is that 1 DEN is the mass of 9000 m of thread in grams.

To convert the linear density expressed in denier units to the linear density in tex units, use the ratio: 1den=9 * tex.

The table shows the characteristics of the threads most commonly used for the manufacture of mesh strips:

DenierTexDiameter, mmBreaking load, kg
110d/20,18 mm1,7 kg
210d/215,6 tex*30,32 mm2,6 kg
210d/329 tex*20,36 mm3,9 kg
210d/315,6 tex*40,36 mm3,9 kg
210d/429 tex*30,45 mm5,2 kg
210d/415,6 tex*60,45 mm5,2 kg
210d/529 tex*40,55 mm6,5 kg
210d/615,6 tex*90,56 mm7,8 kg
210d/829 tex*60,66 mm10,4 kg
210d/1229 tex*90,84 mm16,6 kg
210d/1293,5 tex*30,80 mm16,6 kg
210d/16187 tex*21,00 mm21,6 kg
210d/2493,5 tex*61,20 mm33,0 kg
210d/24187 tex*31,20 mm33,0 kg
210d/32187 tex*41,40 mm42,5 kg
210d/3693,5 tex*91,50 mm49,5 kg
210d/48187 tex*61,80 mm66,0 kg
210d/72187 tex*92,20 mm99,0 kg
210d/96187 tex*122,50 mm128,0 kg